Websites specifically for franchised and multi-sited businesses.

Websites specifically for franchised and multi-sited businesses.

RTDCreative is a professional web design company based in Lancashire, United Kingdom.

As most web designers out there, we help small & medium sized businesses grow their brand online. We do this through building quality bespoke websites, and providing real and honest Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

RTDCreative build WordPress Themes

RTDCreative build WordPress Themes so your site is built to your exact requirements, rather than trying to shoe horn your ideas into an existing theme template. Not only does this give you better control of your brand, custom built sites tend to run faster and have high security as less plugins have to be used to help in ‘shoe horning’ your ideas into your website.

How we help Franchised Businesses

Using our extensive experience and skills, we have developed specialist ways for helping businesses who are multi-sited like franchises. What do we mean by this is? Business types such as franchises, or a brands with multiple varying product lines or services tend to run several websites. RTDCreative have honed a way of working with these types of organisations to give them total control of all of their web sites under 1 administration panel. This enables simply and smart updating without having to log in and out of several websites.

This works particularly well for Franchised businesses. The franchisor tends to develop brand dominant sites which they provide to their network of franchisees. By being in control of the layout and branding, the franchisor strengthens their market share. However, not all franchisees will adopt the same brand loyalty or have the experience to update their ‘local’ websites in the exact way the franchisor would like to see. This has lead to search engine night mares for a lot of franchises when duplicate content gets posted across the network or one franchise owner contradicts another with badly placed content.

It becomes a nightmare for franchise owners to police. It needn’t be so difficult though.

With the ability to access all of the franchise network from one central administration page, allows for easy and fast access to update any information, quickly. Sharing information like blog stories or product updates becomes far easy too. Just a click of a button can send to the article across the entire network or to just a chosen few.
The main advantage though is to only allow certain sections of the site to be made editable by the franchisee. These sections can be opened up to them at any time should the confidence be there for that franchise owner to let their ‘children’ grow.


Franchises want to monitor their own analytics?

For some this may seem like a simple question, however we have come across lots of businesses who provide websites to its team and the team are not able to monitor their success.

RTDCreative’s method allows the franchisees to add their own Pixel and analytic codes so they can monitor their performance independently.

What now?

If you are thinking of franchising your business idea, talk to us. Our experience working with franchises may help you on your journey. We have a network of partners from accountants to IT who can help your along the way too. When it comes to your branding and online presence though, this is when you’ll see us glow with enthusiasm.

Contact us for more information.