In Brief

What we will do

  • Meet with you to discuss your requirements
  • Decide on the best products to suit your requirements
  • Create ideas based on those requirements
  • Tweak those ideas until you’re happy
  • If necessary, arrange a demonstration on setting up the exhibition stand, or in some case, meet you at the exhibition to set it up. Our partners do this world wide.

Now you have your stand arranged. What are you giving away at the exhibition? Brochures? Pens? Cuddly toys? Speak to us about this too. We have 100’s of suppliers that can source pretty much anything you would want.

Exhibition Stands

An exhibition stand can be a significant investment for your marketing strategy. You might want a stand that can be used in multiple situations. Will it fit if you’re exhibiting in a shell scheme? Will it stand out if you are a small fish in a big ocean? RTDCreative will guide you in the run up to your exhibition.

There is a vast amount of stand options available now. Knowing the budget, size and position can help you choose which style is right for you. It doesn’t stop there though! Can the graphics be updated without having to purchase a whole new stand? Can you hang a TV from the stand? Can you expand the stand in the future? These are all questions that need to be asked in order to determine what you need.

More investment at the start can save a lot in the future if you are planning on attending multiple exhibitions. Alternatively, if you’re only exhibiting once, there are cost saving methods that we can help you with.

Fabric stands are a firm favourite at the moment. They come in lots of different attractive shapes and can be sewn together to make incredible, imposing stands at a fraction of the cost of printing onto standard materials. The initial investment can be more than it would be for traditional stands, but replacing the graphics is far cheaper, so if you intend to exhibit often, this is a wise choice.

We only use world leading suppliers for all of our exhibition products, whether that be a simple roller banner, or a 20 metre stand. Quality and planning are everything. We’ve witnessed exhibitors pulling their hair out on set up day, because they hadn’t planned well enough. Keep your hair on and contact us for all your exhibition stand requirements!