How can we help franchises?

  • Web design for franchises, franchisors & franchisees
  • Website design and build of ‘head office’ websites
  • Design customer facing micro-sites for each franchisee
  • Franchisees have editing access, overseen by the franchisor
  • Franchisees have re-marketing abilities

Your brand is safe. Your franchisees feel in control. Local search marketing is fully enabled.

We can also…

  • Provide CRM solutions for your franchisees to manage their business within your business model
  • Provide IT solutions for you and your franchisees


Web design for franchises may seem like a straight forward web design project. However, the complexities surrounding the management of franchise websites can be very demanding. Protecting the franchises brand is paramount. Being able to allow franchisees the freedom to market their business whilst keeping the marketing message consistent, requires careful planning.

Depending on the type of franchise business you are involved with, there are a number of things to consider when designing a web project for a franchised business.

  1. Will franchisees have their own website or web page?
  2. Can franchisees update their own pages online?
  3. Will franchisees be competing for online traffic with other franchisees?
  4. Is training provided for franchisees to up-skill for digital marketing?
  5. Will you promote national offers through your local network?
  6. Are search engine positions important to your franchise?
  7. Do your franchisees order stock from you?
  8. If so, can stock ordering be processed online for easier administration?

This list of questions can go on and on. RTDCreative has worked with many franchises to develop solutions to overcome most obstacles a new franchise will face when developing their online strategy.

We have honed our skills in:

  • Local SEO to achieve high ranking keywords based on locality
  • Finding ways to reduce the risk of duplicate content from one franchisee to another
  • Adding back office ordering for stock based franchises
  • Developing Facebook advertising campaigns
  • Setting up re-marketing adverts with both Google and Facebook

Through careful planning, we can rapidly deploy new franchise sites. Every franchisee site can be different therefore it will most certainly contain different content. The choices are endless.

We build eCommerce websites with stunning design and functionality at highly competitive rates. Think of us as your digital marketing department, so as your franchise network grows, we will be there to grow with you.

It doesn’t have to stop there. Through our trusted partners, we also offer CRM solutions. Looking for an App for your franchisees to run their franchise through? No problem. Need continual IT support? Yep, we can help with that too. RTDCreative is your ideal creative partner for all your digital requirements.

Want to know more?

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